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SAMradar Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAMradar a government site?

No. SAMradar is a private service that monitors aspects of and and are both official government provided website that can be accessed via and

How does SAMradar get its data?

SAMradar monitors and using the government provided API. Additional buyer research and augmented contact information data is provided to SAMradar users from isiFederal's proprietary research processes, customer interaction and in-house databases.

Why is SAMradar email-based?

The objective is fast access to information and quick action. Since email is easy and universal and we are all checking email every day anyway, we use email so you can get to the actionable information and ACT! Plus, when you find something important, forward your SAMradar details to colleagues and teaming partners so they can act fast too!

What are the limits?

While there are no hard limits imposed on SAMradar users, FPDS posts over 18,000 awards every day. We built the system with email notifications that are designed to send you the most important contracts and continues to learn as you use SAMradar system.  This helps narrow the focus so your SAMradar system does what you need it to do... give you important information so you can act fast!

What do buyer reports provide?

Buyer reports provide the past 12 months and 5 years of contract activity of each buyer by NAICS, PSC and the combination of NAICS and PSC. This provides the SAMradar user with valuable insight on the contracts awarded as well as the vendors who provided those products and/or services. Even more ammo for your conversation with the buyer because you know the relationships they have and the dollars they spend!

Does SAMradar actually handle bids?

No. SAMradar and are monitoring tools. All submissions must be done per the individual solicitation.  Please read the solicitations carefully when providing your bid response. If you need proposal and bid submission help, please consider reaching out to one of our partners.

How do I know what to search for?

When you become a SAMradar member, you will be assigned a customer support rep (a REAL human) that will will help you develop and refine your search criteria. Not only that, your rep will be reaching out every 4-6 weeks to make sure that you are getting what you need from SAMradar. Don't be bashful either - you need something? Send a request to your rep... Their job is to help you get what you need from SAMradar!

What if I need to change my search criteria?

Log into your account and then choose "Search" at the top of the page. There you go... Your searches are ready for you to edit. Remember, we are here to help and make sure you are getting what you need! Additionally, your SAMradar customer support specialist will help you set up your search criteria and provide advice. You can change your search criteria at any time by sending a request to your rep. Their job is to help you get what you need from SAMradar!

Can I import my search criteria from

Unfortunately, no and you don't want to either. Connect with your SAMradar rep, they will help you get the searches done and screaming the way just can't.

Does SAMradar monitor GSA eBuy?

No. SAMradar only monitors Our sister system QuikFuse monitors GSA eBuy opportunities.

Does SAMradar monitor solictiations?

Yes. Your SAMradar subscription includes monitoring so you will be notified when awards are posted on This is an important feature as you want to gain the unfair advantage by knowing as soon as opportunities are posted on  Contact your SAMradar customer support specialist for details on the best way to monitor opportunities on

I'm not ready to sign-up, do you offer a free trial?

You bet we do. You have 7 days to kick the tires, experience our customer support, get your searches popping and see why SAMradar provides you with a remarkably unfair advantage in the federal contracting space. During that time, you have unfettered access to the SAMradar team so we can answer questions and provide advice on your federal pursuit!

What happens if I'm not getting notifications?

There are several reasons your emails may not be coming in properly.

  1. Make sure you confirmed the email you set up when you joined SAMradar.

  2. White list and This way your email is working for us and not against us. Check your spam/junk folder.  If your notifications are in there, here are the ways to fix it:

Do you provide additional research?

Yes. Your subscription can be modified to include buyer reports in specific NAICS / PSC / Keyword / Geographical Location etc…isiFederal also provides competitive analysis and intelligence to support your development efforts.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing period.  If your billing renewal date is 10/3 and you cancel on 10/4, your subscription will be cancelled as of 11/3 (the end of your current billing period).

Remember, if you cancel your subscription, that means all discounts will also be cancelled at the final day of your billing period. The reason this is important to know is that SAMradar will only service a limited number of subscribers and this means supply and demand will dictate the rate, or even if you able to obtain a SAMradar subscription in the future.  ​

  1. Log in to your account:

  2. Click "My Account"

  3. Click Change Plan

  4. Click Cancel Account

  5. Confirm Cancel

You will have access to the account until the end of the billing period. After the end of the billing period your access will be removed as well as your search criteria and contacts associated with your account. Please make sure to collect all of the contacts associated with your subscription before the last billing day.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to contact our customer support team or reach out at 800-515-5351!

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