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What We Do At SAMradar

SAMradar watches the entire federal market for activity in your wheelhouse. When something hits your radar, it sends you an email with details on who bought, what was bought, who sold and when it happened. Simple, right? Well here's a look at why that matters.

Build Relationships That Matter

Your competition has the relationship you are looking for right now. That's right - there's a federal buyer looking for what you sell, but they're not coming to you.

With SAMradar on your side, you have the tool to be in the shortlist for high-value targets - and it all starts with one click. 

SAMradar Unfair Advantage.png

Win The Unfair Advantage

Your competition don't want you to see this. With SAMradar you can see who is buying what you sell, giving you the unfair advantage to position your team before the next contract.

You give your team the power to get on the shortlist for the 76% of contracts with less than 5 bids - or no competition at all. 

Monitor Your Competition

The world is dealing with an unprecedented change - and systems are changing with it. Using SAMradar, you can monitor both contracts, and the primes that were awarded them.

Sometimes, you may want to inject and disrupt the system. Other times you may want to team up. It's all up to you.

SAMradar Monitoring.png
SAmradar Community.png

Join A Growing Community

SAMradar is more than a service - we are a community. Together, we tackle the federal market, and help each other grow.

Signing up to SAMradar gives you access to weekly roundtables and special training sessions - so you can join a thriving community and take advantage of the knowledge shared. 

Our Complete Services

All of the services you can access as you use SAMradar.

Heading 1

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Heading 1

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Our Complete Services

All of the services you can access as you use SAMradar.

Daily Email

SAMradar notifies you with new contracts in your industry every single day.

Weekly Monday

Meet other SAMradar users and create networks to set you up for success!

Ready To Use Templates

Make a first impression to remember with templates to email buyers/primes.

Help From Your Federal Advisor

We don't do bots - your Federal Advisor is a real human available for help.

Scripts To Create Connections

Stuck on a call? No issue. Use our call scripts at any time for buyers/primes.

Contact Info
For The Buyer

Your daily notifications will also show you the buyer's contact information.

SAMradar Grows
With You

As a user, you can train the SAMradar system by rating the buyers you see!

Contact Info For The Prime

Your daily notification will also show you the prime's contact information.

SAMradar Pricing


  • 24/7/365 Award Monitoring

  • Access to contracts that don't hit

  • Buyer Contact Details*

  • Buyer History (1 & 5 Year)

  • Prime Contact Details*

  • Prime History (1 & 5 Year)

  • Award Details

  • Customer Support with real humans

  • Monthly Account Review

  • Custom Search Criteria

Along with bonus features:

  • Opportunity Monitoring ($89 value)

  • Opportunity details delivered within minutes of posting to

  • Monday Roundtable Access


Still have questions about SAMradar?

Join our daily training sessions at 10 AM and 2 PM EST to find out more!

*Email and phone contact information for most contacts ​

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