Win More.

SAMradar puts you back in control of your federal pipeline.

We drive hot leads to you and help you connect with federal buyers
so you can develop opportunities and capture federal market share.

Un-Stealth the 98% of federal contracts that
never hit
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What game are the winners playing?


With 7 million contract actions awarded every year and only 140,000 posting to, you should be asking how that happens. Not only that, you should be asking how you can be included on the shortlist of competitors that buyers know, like, and trust, because that is the unfair advantage incumbents have - and they are keeping you out of the game. Only YOU can change your game, and SAMradar is the tool you need see the field better and ACT so you can be on that shortlist - the shortlist of winners.


Now, you can stay on the outside where you will continue to lose, or you can change the game.

Changing the Game...