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Big News

is SAMradar really different?

SAMradar vs... ?

Changing the Game...

Here's the thing...

7 million contract actions are awarded every year - but only 140,000 of those end up on

That is the unfair advantage incumbents have - and they are keeping you out of the game.


Only you can change your game, and SAMradar is the tool you need to be on that shortlist - the shortlist of winners.


Now, you can stay on the outside where you will continue to lose, or you can change the game.

Real SAMradar Members say...
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Because Relationships Matter...

* Pricing in video may have changed. (WHY?)

...and your competition has that relationship right now. A federal buyer needs what you sell - but they're going to the company they know.

What you need is a tool to connect you to the right contracting officers in your industry. They need to know you can provide products and services - and SAMradar is the tool that you need to gain that advantage. 

"When I first saw this system, I was selling LEDs and I asked these guys...

‘is this legal?’ SAMradar provides an unfair advantage, so much so, I joined the company because it is a game changer."


Rob Lundholm

Unfair Advantage Director

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Unfair Advantage: YOU

The primes don't want you to see this.  With SAMradar, you will know who is buying what you sell, so you can position your company before the next contract.


With SAMradar, you are empowering yourself to get on the shortlist of 76% of the contracts with 5 or fewer competitors and make your case for the 2.5 million awards with ZERO competition.

* Pricing in video may have changed. (WHY?)

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How SAMradar Works

SAMradar watches the entire federal market for activity in your wheelhouse (totally customizable by you). When something hits your radar, it sends you an email with details on who bought, what was bought, who sold and when it happened.

Why email?  Because you already use it every day.

* Pricing in video may have changed. (WHY?)

Like what you see? Super! You can quickly log into SAMradar and see buyer history, competitors, and all kinds of great information because the real objective is to streamline your process so you can quickly act and contact the key decision makers and inject yourself as a great resource.

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How do you reach buyers?

Every SAMradar notification contains the buyer's contact information so you can quickly send a request to discuss the award they just made, share your capabilities, and provide your value proposition.


The reason? These are the folks that are buying what you sell this is your chance to be put on the buyer's shortlist so they let you play in the game!

* Pricing in video may have changed. (WHY?)

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What about the winning Prime?

We are in an unprecedented time of scarcity for good talent and resources – and so are federal primes. In addition, more large contracts are being awarded through IDIQs and BPAs so you will need to be teaming with the primes and primes will need to be teaming with you to get the work done.

* Pricing in video may have changed. (WHY?)


You might want to punch the winner in the mouth and steal their business. If that is the case, you tell your SAMradar to watch EVERY move they are making and give you all of the contacts that are buying from that prime.


You want to play nice and work with that winner. If this is the case, SAMradar will help you quickly connect with the prime contacts. This way, you can discuss that win while it is top of mind and before the project gets scooped up by another subcontractor.


"When Dave Lowe showed me this, I said, "Great... you are showing me I am a loser?" Then I realized I can use this tool to get ahead of the next contract. I never knew what I was missing. Now I do - and I can do something about it!"

Alberto Lugo


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MISSION: Inject & Disrupt

SAMradar is the catalyst you need to inject your company in the conversation with buyers and primes..


You can do something right NOW.

"I signed up for SAMradar and I got 6 leads day one!" 

Glenn Smyly.jpg

Glenn Smyly


You will have leads every week that you can reach out to for upcoming requirements, referrals to program managers, other buyers and of course the primes if you would like to get a piece of the action. 

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Joining the Community...

SAMradar is more than a tool, it is a complete disrupter to the status quo and it gives our customers the unfair competitive edge. Signing up for SAMradar includes weekly roundtables and other special training sessions where you will learn how to engage each of the key decision makers in federal contracts:

  • Executives & Administrators

  • Contracting Officers & Specialists

  • Program/Project Managers

  • Primes

When you join SAMradar, you are joining the community dedicated to helping you navigate the federal market. We get together weekly to share success, challenges and network with other SAMradar users that very well may become your next best partner. After all, SAMradar users are all on the same journey of cracking the code, building relationships and becoming the go-to resource for federal contracts!

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