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About Us

SAMradar is the evolution of best in class federal agency intelligence and sales systems and technology all rolled into one. Since 2009, isiFederal has been helping organizations thrive and grow their federal business by doing the right things, the right way, at the right time. This proven, and effective process has helped isiFederal clients win more than $537M* in direct and indirect federal sales. SAMradar is more than just a monitoring system... SAMradar facilitates breaking down the federal marketing process into manageable, measurable steps and facilitates a proactive strategy to get your company in front of federal buyers and other federal stakeholders. Relationships matter and this is exactly what SAMradar is designed to provide - a manageable way for federal sales and capture professionals to identify and reach key decision makers responsible for buying what you sell - especially the ones that NEVER show up anywhere else!

* as of 9/6/2022

Meet the Team


Desiree Johnson

Operations Manager


Rob Lundholm

Director of Unfair Advantage


Chris Wagner

Senior Systems Manager


Andrew Hawk

Web Development


Alec McNamara

IT System Development


Aisha Haleem

Senior Web Manager


Audra Young

Content Manager


Amal Chughtai

Content Development

The Foundation

In 2009 isiFederal was founded to help companies with feet on the street in DC. 

In 2012, isiFederal developed QuikFuse, the #1 monitoring tool for GSA eBuy. This new technology provided the framework for collecting government opportunities and delivering the content very quickly, providing QuikFuse users with a significant competitive edge.

Now, SAMradar provides the same framework for opportunities and FPDS awards, providing you with the same competitive edge… was developed to help companies know about federal opportunities published on faster and provide details and access to unmatched intelligence and research so your business development team knows who has the inside track. 

SAMradar is an advanced monitoring system that monitors awards so you can see who is winning and, more importantly, who is buying. This provides the foundation for the isiFederal business development model:

1) Opportunities Come From People.
2) People Buy from People they Know, Like, and Trust.
3) You Need to be on the Buyer’s Shortlist.

SAMradar monitoring will help your company do exactly that. 

We look forward to working with you and your team!


Dave Lowe

CEO of isiFederal

Founder of SAMradar

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