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Terms & Conditions

From Dave Lowe, Founder of SAMradar…

I was thinking of all of the Ts & Cs required for this kind of thing and I am hoping to alleviate all of that by taking this approach… We all want to know about federal opportunities and competitive intelligence as soon as possible, so this site is to be used by reasonable people only. If you are not a reasonable person, please don’t continue through the signup process because I really don’t want to make you read the 28-page version the lawyers want me to put here…

By you signing up (and us collecting your money) we are both agreeing you are signing up because you want to know about federal opportunities and contract intelligence as soon as possible. We will strive to do deliver updates as soon as the information is available and processed according to your search definitions. That is normally measured in sending you notifications within minutes of availability on and within 24 hours of processing contract data.


That being said, it is reasonable to note that in order for you to receive service from SAMradar, you agree to receive notifications from us via email messages or SMS text. These notifications are sent through an automated program that is entirely subscription based and you are consenting to us sending you automated messages. In the unlikely event that you have some kind of metered text plan, text message rates may apply.

Here is what is within our control…

  1. We will send notifications to a single number and/or a single email of your choice.

  2. Sending notification messages that are short and to the point.

  3. Sending notifications may include a reminder that changes or updates will be coming soon. We do to keep you informed of upcoming events that are relevant to you.

  4. Notifications might include an ad for a partner because we like them and think you might like them too. Click here for privacy stuff.

  5. Notifications will include unsubscribe links, because that is the law.

  6. If you unsubscribe from notifications, we will do our best to let you know that we can’t do our job. When this happens, we will stop billing you because we can’t do what you are paying us to do. Just remember, if your plan cancels, the price may no longer be available at the time you registered… So please don’t unsubscribe your notifications.

  7. When your credit card doesn’t work or when it is coming close to expiration, we will let you know so you can update it. Just remember, if your plan cancels, the price may no longer be available at the time you registered… So please don’t let your subscription lapse.

  8. Being able to show you that we sent a message in case you are wondering if it was sent.

Here is what’s up to you…

  1. Make sure your email is right.

  2. Make sure your text number is right.

  3. Open the text or email when you get it so you get what you paid for.

  4. Changes in mobile/text numbers need to be updated in your account so you can receive messages.

  5. A working credit card at the time of monthly or annual renewal. Love to have you stay, but if the credit card doesn’t work, we will assume that you don’t want to be a subscriber. Just remember, if your plan cancels, the price may no longer be available at the time you registered.

  6. Stopping the service. We are continuing to do our job until you fire us.


In the event of an email or phone number change it is the responsibility of the customer to log into the customer's account portal at and make the appropriate changes in the customer profile.  Failure to do so may cause notifications to fail.

Here is what neither of us can control…

  1. Whether you have internet service or connectivity when we send the notifications.

  2. Whether your email account is correct at the time of the send, or full, or otherwise unable to receive messages in some way.

  3. Accuracy of government information or access to government links. We are dealing with the federal government here so, if we can’t get the data, we can’t process it and make it available to you. This also applies to the internet or associated outages. While this is rarer than the government having issues, the fact is if we can’t see it and you can’t see it, we can’t send the notification and you don’t get the notification.

  4. Sometimes maintenance and updated are required when the government changes things that affect SAMradar. This may significantly impact on our systems and our ability to assemble the data correctly.  In the event this causes SAMradar to be down for updates or enhancements, we will provide a work around while we make the updates. We will make every effort to minimize the impact of these changes on you by providing the updates to your account as soon as possible.

What happens when something goes wrong…

In the event that we mess up (i.e., within SAMradar's control) and something happens to our system that inhibits us being able to send you a notification that you are supposed to get, because our systems cannot send your notification within 24 hours of availability from the federal systems, we will make adjustments to your account for the downtime or otherwise provide you with something cool to illustrate our contrite human frailties.

We expect that the government will jack something up (we don’t need a legal definition here to know what this means). To clarify though, if the “something” that goes wrong is related to our beloved or system, please permit us to do the hard work of programming the SAMradar system because programming updates are part of your subscription package. This isn’t your fault or our fault, so we both agree that refunds are not reasonable for maintenance things like fixing what the government breaks that are outside of our control. If the SAMradar outage lasts beyond 5 business days, we will make adjustments to future subscription billing by providing a credit to your account for lost days beyond the 5 business days.

We both agree that if we can show you a record of the email and/or text we sent, you will not request a refund from the credit card company. If we can’t show you that we did our job, then we will make it right and initiate the refund – because that is reasonable, and we are reasonable.

Canceling Your Plan

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing period.  Remember, if you cancel your subscription, that means all discounts will also be cancelled at the final day of your billing period. The reason this is important to know is that SAMradar will only service a limited number of subscribers and this means supply and demand will dictate the rate, or even if you able to obtain a SAMradar subscription in the future.  

So we agree to be reasonable...

To reiterate for those who may be on the fence of reasonableness, by continuing to use the site, we both agree to be reasonable with each other. Please contact us at if you believe we need to know about problems with your account. Your SAMradar support specialist is looking forward to working them out with you, you reasonable person you!

Thanks for choosing to sign up, I hope to cross paths during the Monday Roundtables - which are included in your totally reasonable subscription!

Dave Lowe


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