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May 2024 NAICS Federal Spending Report - FY2024

Updated: May 15

March 2024 Federal Spending NAICS - SAMradar.png


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and start competing for the 98% that never hits

SAMradar monitors ALL federal contracting activity with the objective of informing businesses of hidden contracts that are never posted on

The federal government budget and contracting process is enormous and complex. In certain years, like FY 2024, budget delays and the use of continuing resolutions (CR) can present significant challenges to federal contractors and companies who want to become federal contractors.

In an effort to simplify the research process, and better service SAMradar members, we have been providing market reports that provide a high-level overview of spending (Summary, NAICS. PSC, Vendor Wins Tabs) as well as a Vendors (detailed) tab to show the exact combinations of NAICS and PSCs vendors are winning contracts.

Report Sources is the repository of data. is where contracting officers post opportunities, it is also where the public can run reports on FPDS data using Ad Hoc reports. SAMradar has proprietary intelligence algorithms that provide additional information including deep intelligence on buyer and prime activity that is not available on or

Why Date Signed vs Date Modified?

Because of the complexities of federal contracting, and the potential to get lost in the weeds of research, SAMradar selected to provide this report by date signed.

  • Date Signed: By utilizing the Date Signed field, we can see only new contracts signed within the range (usually current month or fiscal year to date).

There is good reason to care about both, and exactly why SAMradar operates on modifications because contract modifications show spending and prime activity that is also hidden like IDIQ, GWAC, and BPA sales that never show up on Now, most of the new contract activity (by date signed) is significant and because most never posts on, therefore most contractors never know of federal sales happening in their NAICS/PSC or niche market.

Report Anatomy and Use Cases

Each Tab includes the ability to sort by the number of Contracts (activity) and Dollars. This provides your insight into activity as well as overall spending. The key for SAMradar members is to utilize this report to find and categorize competitor activity. and add the competitor to your SAMradar vendor monitor.

  1. Find competitors in your space, and add them to your SAMradar monitoring.

  2. See competitor activity in real-time.

  3. Choose your response strategy (see SAMradar templates)

  4. Inject your company into the conversation – especially future procurements.

Reconciling Inaccuracies

Federal contract data contains hundreds of data points per contract and data entry is performed by contracting officers and specialists. As a result, the date is not perfect. When assembling federal contract data, there are regular corrections, deletions, and other nuances (including agencies using fields differently) that can create anomalies in the outcome of summarized reports. SAMradar data analyzers are consistently reviewing the data for these anomalies – but we do not correct them. We do not correct them because it would challenge the integrity of the reports.

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