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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities: How Vendors Can Find Federal Contracts Beyond

Find Federal Contracts Beyond | SAMradar

As a vendor, securing federal contracts can be a major boost to your business. However, the process of finding and bidding on these contracts can be complex and time-consuming. While many vendors rely on the government's System for Award Management (SAM) to find opportunities, the truth is that only lists a fraction of the available contracts.

In fact, according to SAMradar's research, up to 98% of government contracts don't show up on So, how can vendors find these hidden opportunities and gain an edge over their competition?

In this blog, we'll explore some strategies for uncovering federal contracts beyond, helping you to expand your business and maximize your potential for success.

The Limitations of Why You Need to Look Beyond the Government's Primary Contracting Portal is the government's primary portal for federal contract opportunities, and it's a valuable resource for vendors looking to do business with the government. However, it's important to note that not all contract opportunities are posted on In fact, research carried out by SAMradar sggests the number is far smaller - only about 2% of all contracts awarded by the federal government.

There are several reasons for this. For one, some agencies are not required to use for posting solicitations, and instead use other channels to advertise their contract opportunities. On the other hand, some contracts may be awarded without public competition, which means they never appear on This is often the case for contracts that are awarded through small business set-asides or sole-source justifications.

Largely, is primarily designed for larger contracts and does not always include smaller contracts, which are often of interest to small businesses. This is why, even if a contract is posted on, the competition for those opportunities can be fierce, with potentially hundreds of vendors bidding on the same contract.

Exploring Other Sources for Federal Contract Opportunities: Where to Find Hidden Gems

In addition to, there are many other sources for finding federal contract opportunities. By exploring these other sources, vendors can uncover hidden gems that may not be available on the government's primary portal.

One such option to consider is agency-specific procurement websites, which are used by many agencies to advertise their contract opportunities.

For example, the Department of Defense uses the Defense Information System for Contracting (DISC) to post solicitations for goods and services, while the General Services Administration (GSA) uses eBuy to post solicitations for GSA Schedule contracts. By researching the agencies that are most relevant to your business, you can identify the procurement websites they use and monitor them for new contract opportunities.

Vendors can also explore direct solicitations as a source of contract opportunities. This involves reaching out to government agencies or prime contractors to express interest in a specific contract opportunity.

While this approach requires more effort and outreach, it can be a useful way to uncover hidden opportunities and establish relationships with potential partners. By diversifying your search for federal contracts and exploring other sources beyond, you can increase your chances of finding hidden contract opportunities and securing new business.

Leveraging Technology: How SAMradar Can Help You Find More Contracts

By now, we have established two main methods you can use to find contracts -, where you will be missing 98% of contracts, or through direct solicitations. What if there was a way you could get access to all of the contracts in your industry, sent straight to your email inbox every single day?

The answer is to leverage SAMradar and its powerful technology. With SAMradar in hand, vendors can save time and resources by automating their search for contract opportunities and staying ahead of their competition.

To get started using SAMradar and find hidden contracts today, click here.

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