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3 Principles of Networking

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I was reviewing some old articles I had about networking and knowing that the Government Procurement Conference is next week... well, here you go!

Principle 1 – No Selling.

Look at it this way… You wouldn’t go up to someone you just met in a group social setting, tell them who you are in 30 seconds then ask them to sign a marriage certificate would you? Of course not, you know you would justifiably go down in a huge ball of flames. The same principle applies to networking. It’s about learning about each other and if you are smart, start with the person first, professionally second and then – if it makes sense – courting a business relationship.

Principle 2 – Not everyone is a good prospect.

The next principle to remember of that not everyone is a good prospect. That’s OK because the next principle is everyone you talk with either is a decision maker or they know one. Your job is to discover which one and how they can help you.

Principle 3 – It is about others, not you.

Probably the most important principle of networking is – it is about everyone else, not you. The more you listen and do your best to help others first the more respect you gain and influence you wield.

ABC’s of Networking

A. Learn about others.

B. Help them understand what you do and connect the dots.

C. Demonstrate how this works by helping others connect the dots.

If you have the right perspective - about others first and you consistently attend high quality events and you prepare for success, networking will definitely work for you.

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