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Countdown to the Federal Fiscal Year End 9/30: Tips 100-90!

Want to catch the totally legit, completely unfair pathway to success in the federal contracting space? SAMradar founder and CEO Dave Lowe’s YouTube channel FederalPlaybook is a treasure trove of advice for federal contractors, where he has been sharing one tip a day for the last 100 days in the lead up to September 30th, when (most) federal agencies must have spent their budget for the fiscal year 2023.

Tip #100

Why get in front of buyers? Because they buy from people they know and trust - and if they don’t know you, your competition gets a chance to get ahead. How can you find out who your buyers know? Watch this video for Dave’s recommendations.

Tip #99

Now that you know it’s important to get in front of buyers so they can remember you, the question is - how? Here’s where the next tip comes in. With an updated capabilities statement, you can remain memorable and stand out to federal buyers.

Tip #98

Knowing how to stand out ahead of your competition is one thing - but which buyers should you focus on reaching? The tip from 98 days out till the last day of the fiscal year talks about how you can get identify top prospects based on information from the last few months.

Tip #97

You’ve done your homework, and are ready to get started in actually reaching and building relationships with buyers. This tip discusses how you can email and reach out to the top buyers working in your market. Hint: you get to use contracts your competition won!

Tip #96

Email isn’t the only way to reach buyers. In this tip, Dave shows contractors how they can use readily available information to contact buyers on the phone, and make a bigger impact as they build relationships and market themselves to buyers in their market.

Tip #95

This tip is all about Federal Industry days, and how they can be a huge opportunity to meet, network, and even get a chat in with those in charge. It’s an excellent way to start a conversation and keep it going, and learn what’s going on in your market.

Tip #94

Need an updated capabilities statement? Dave shares some tips on how you can make that happen - after all, a capabilities statement that looks like it belongs helps you stand out to the federal contracting officer.

Tip #93

Want to learn how to get to the secret contacts your competitors are hiding from you? With the right use of FPDS, you can get all of that information and much more! Watch this tip to get more insight on how you can use this resource to gather reliable data!

Tip #92

With the 90 day mark looming close, Dave gives insight into the importance of past performance, and connects it back to an updated capabilities statement. If you want to know what your past performance section should look like, don’t miss this tip!

Tip #91

It’s cloudy with a chance of contracts! Forecasts are an essential method to plan ahead for the fiscal year, and more important than ever in Q4. Check out this tip from Dave as he explains why Q4 agency forecasts are important and how to check them!

Tip #90

It is now officially 90 days out from the end of the fiscal year on 9/30 - and with billions left to spend, the market is ripe for competition! Watch this tip from Dave to learn how you can plan out the last 90 days before year-end!

More Tips Coming Soon!

Want to keep up with the rest of the tips? Check out FederalPlaybook's YouTube channel for more information - and keep an eye out for more resources and tips shared over the last days of the fiscal year!

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