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How to Prepare for Federal Presolicitations and Win Contracts

How to Prepare for Federal Presolicitations and Win Contracts | SAMradar

As the federal fiscal-year deadline comes to a close, the role of federal presolicitations becomes more and more evident. With many active notices on, these notices are a unique opportunity for contractors to position themselves to win.

By following a well-structured preparation process, contractors can maximize their chances of success in the highly competitive federal marketplace. As such, this article outlines the most important steps you need to follow to prepare for federal presolicitations and increase the chances of winning.

Understanding the Importance of Federal Presolicitations

Federal presolicitations, also known as pre-solicitation notices, act as preliminary announcements of upcoming contracting opportunities. These notices, issued by federal agencies, provide essential information about the expected requirements, scope, and timeline of a contract.

According to reports, agencies can issue more than 20,000 presolicitations in a year, playing an important role in fostering competition and encouraging small businesses to participate in the federal process. Along with this, the use of federal presolicitations also helps to promote transparency within the world of procurement.

Where To Find Presolicitations

Being able to access presolicitations is essential so you can leverage resources to win more contracts. Contracting websites like and agency-specific portals can offer information about upcoming opportunities including presolicitations.

There are currently 1,896 active presolicitations right now on SAMradar can help you find them, make sense of them, and give you a pathway to quickly find the ones that matter the most to you.

How to Prepare for Federal Presolicitations

Now that you know what presolicitations are, the next step is to know how you can prepare for upcoming presolicitations. Here are some first steps you can take to learn about presolicitations and position yourself to win the next contract.

Do your research

When you come across a presolicitation (for example, on a tool like SAMradar), one of the first steps you should be taking is to carry out a comprehensive market research. Actions such as the analysis of the target agencies spending trends and identification of the potential competitors can help you stand out in response to presolicitations.

The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) states that more that 26% of contracts were won directly by small businesses in FY2022, meaning there are many opportunities there - if you know where to look, how to respond, and utilize your resources effectively.

Create a strategic capabilities statement

A capabilities statement is an overview of the resources, achievements, and abilities of your company. In order to create a statement that wows agencies, you need to carry out a thorough and honest assessment of what your company has to offer.

In order to stand out, align the strengths of your company with the requirements in the presolicitation - after all, the notices are a great way to understand the expected needs of the agencies. Creating and marketing capabilities statements in the right way can open up many new opportunities for your business.

Team up with others

Just like in real life, collaboration is a great way to address challenges head-on. In the federal space, teaming up with other contractors can give you a competitive edge over other bids. As you form partnerships or joint ventures, you can combine your strengths, and use collective resources to mitigate the challenges you face.

Contractors can team up in many different ways - creating partnerships, joint ventures, or even in a mentor/protege program. To learn more about the different forms of partnerships, and how to use teaming effectively, make sure to check out this briefing.

Develop your proposal

In order to win contracts, you need to be able to create proposals that are compliant, clear, and concise. It is important that you address exactly how your products or services can meet the agency’s current needs. Complete attention to detail will be essential as you make a value proposition for your company, but make sure to align your proposal to the requirements outlined in the presolicitation.

Compliance is also an important part of this process. Use guidelines from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which governs federal procurement, to remain compliant and provide accurate documentation.

Missing Presolicitations on

Currently, has thousands of active pre-solicitations. Navigating through this extensive pool of opportunities can be daunting. SAMradar, on the other hand, can help you streamline your search. SAMradar empowers contractors like you to identify the presolicitations that align with your goals and industry, and helps you understand what is necessary to win.

Don’t wait - with just under two months until the end of the fiscal year, time is running out. Use SAMradar today and find the buyers who need you!

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