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Mission 1 - Setting Up Your Initial Search on SAMradar

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

SAMradar monitors ALL opportunities that hit PLUS the 98% that NEVER hit This video short provides your mission for the day: Setting up your initial search on SAMradar. Don't worry, you can change or add additional criteria because your SAMradar membership includes the ability to monitor NAICS, PSCs, keywords and even competitors so you can do your #1 Job: Build Relationships. This is critical if you want to compete for federal contracts either as a prime or a subcontractor.

Your federal advisor will provide you with additional insight on what the best search terms are for you and the best part - SAMradar learns about you as you use it. Scheduling a session with your federal advisor is easy click this button:

For more information visit for resources on monitoring opportunities and using SAMradar to find hidden contracts that NEVER hit

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