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Mission: Using Your SAMradar to ACT - Email the Buyer

SAMradar/ learns what is important to you by scrubbing the 20,000 awards daily that NEVER hit (in fact 98% do not hit which is why SAMradar exists - because you need to get to the other 98%!) Take a look at your SAMradar notifications today and the chances are those notifications will show you that there are fewer than 5 offers received. This is why your #1 job is Build Relationships. This is critical because your competition has the relationship right now and if you do nothing, that relationship will continue! Relationships all start somewhere and SAMradar delivers you with actionable information so you can do today's mission:

Email the Buyer and let them know you want be included on the next solicitation.

Today, when you see your SAMradar award notification, take the opportunity to reach out to the buyer and let them know you want the chance to knock their socks off. Let them know that you have a different approach that really competes well with the very contractor they are using. Let them know that you would love to show them that you belong as one of their shortlisted vendors on contracts just like this one.

Most important: ACT! Then let SAMradar know about this buyer so SAMradar learns what buyers make the most sense to you. That's right, you can train SAMradar to find what matter most so you can do your #1 Job: Build Relationships.

The possibilities are endless with SAMradar so go ahead and use the information to reach out and make your case to the buyers!

Remember, bring your success stories to the Monday Roundtables ( where you can network with others on the same journey!

If you need help, schedule a meeting with your federal advisor! Just contact or call 800-515-5351.

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