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October 2022 NAICS Spending Report - Reviewing Competitors

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

(same registration works for both sessions)

Here is the video from Thursday 11/22/2022 8:30AM EST session...

95% of October spending had 5 offers or less. What does this mean? How does this happen? Most importantly - What YOU can do to become ONE of the FIVE!

Step 1: Download the report

SAMradar October Spending Report
Download XLSX • 6.74MB

Step 2: SIGN UP for SAMradar Click here:

Step 3: Work with your real, live dedicated federal advisor to add the most relevent NAICS, PSCs Keywords and Competitors... This way you can see all of their activity (yes SAMradar is stalking them for you) and you can act!

Why is tracking your competition important?

Great question. The answer is simple - you will never see what is happening if you are only watching How can this be you ask? Well, there are TWO federal reporting systems that show contract activity - and When you compare the 125,000 or so opportunities that hit vs the 6.5 Million awards that hit, you realize that you are missing 98% of the market. The problem is that you will NEVER see them until after your competitor gets the win.

So what can SAMradar do to help?

When have watching your competition like a hawk, the system tells you when that competitor is winning, who they know (the Contracting Officer/Specialist) that is buying from them. This empowers you with the information you need to:

A: Go make yourself known to the buyer

B: Let the Prime winner know you want to do a piece of the work.

Both of these are proactive, relationship building exercises that you cannot possibly do by just watching Get in the game, see what never shows up on - you know under the radar... That's why you need - it does the work for you so you can do your #1 job - Build Relationships!

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