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SAMradar is Partnering With FBC!


Juli Branson

(202) 656-3065


WOODSTOCK, MD – SAMradar, a best-in-class federal agency intelligence and sales system, today announced a partnership with the Federal Business Council (FBC). The partnership with FBC will provide an exclusive program with access to training for FBC members on how to leverage SAMradar to reach federal buyers.

“The problem is that incumbents who already have relationships with buyers have an unfair advantage, making it very difficult for anyone else to get noticed,” Dave Lowe, SAMradar founder and CEO, said. “The SAMradar process, which is the first of its kind, distills relevant contract activity – most of which never hits – and provides FBC members with a process to engage federal buyers directly and get their attention.”

“We have spent over four decades bringing industry and government together through our on-site agency expositions, procurement conferences, and meetings. The result has greater visibility for small businesses, a convenient method for government buyers to learn about products and services allowing for better choices on how taxpayer dollars are spent.” David Powell, CEO of FBC, said. “Our partnership with SAMradar provides an entirely new method for companies to find opportunities and be introduced to potential buyers. Combining samradar information with in-person events is the next level for our government outreach program.”

How the SAMradar + FBC program works:

  1. Sign up with SAMradar at for your free trial.

  2. Look for email alerts from SAMradar with “Contract Opportunities” and “Contract Awards” that include contact information for the federal buyer for “Opportunities” and the buyer + prime awardee for “Awards.”

  3. Start talking with your new friends – the buyer and the prime!


SAMradar is the evolution of best-in-class federal agency intelligence, sales systems, and technology all rolled into one. More than just a monitoring system, SAMradar breaks down the federal marketing process into manageable, measurable steps, and creates a targeted, proactive strategy to get your company in front of federal buyers and other federal stakeholders. Relationships matter and this is exactly what SAMradar is designed to provide – a manageable way for federal sales and capture professionals to identify and reach key decision makers responsible for buying what they sell - especially the ones that NEVER show up anywhere else! For more information, visit


Federal Business Council (FBC) specializes in producing meetings, conferences, and trade show events for Federal Government Agencies, the Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community throughout the United States. Founded in 1976, FBC is a Women Owned Small Business located in Columbia, MD. FBC is well known for producing on-site, in-agency industry expositions, off-site agency conferences and meetings of all kinds. In fact, FBC has conducted more than 5,000 events for US government agencies. For more information, visit

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