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SAMradar Navigation Overview

Today's mission is to open up a SAMradar Award Notification and click the buttons that take you to your SAMradar account (you will need to log in to your SAMradar account. Once you are logged in, all of the navigation buttons will work).

With the exception of the "Contact Buyer" button, all of the SAMradar buttons will take you right to the information on SAMradar. We do this so you can quickly access what you need to reinforce your #1 Job: Building Relationships.

Available buttons include:

1) "Award Details" where you can see all of the contract information provided from

2) "Buyer Activity" where you can see the past 12 months of purchases AND prime relationships

3) "Track Prime" where you can track the competition and see all of their awards as they happen

4) "Prime Contacts" where you can see the contacts of the prime (maybe so you can be a sub).

5) "Prime Activity" where you can see all of the contracts the prime has won in the past 12 months AND the buyers* for those contracts.

6) "Edit Match Criteria" where you can make adjustments to your searches

7) "Rate the Buyer" where you can let SAMradar know if that buyer is a good buyer or if additional research is needed to update the contact information.

There is a lot of functionality that we will be reviewing so don’t get overwhelmed and resist the rabbit trails. Let the system do the work and train SAMradar to deliver you what matters most so you can do your #1 Job: Build Relationships

If you need help, schedule a meeting with your federal advisor! Just contact or call 800-515-5351.

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