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SAMradar Navigation - Prime Activity Button

Today's mission is to open up a SAMradar Award Notification and click the "Prime Activity" button. This will take you to your SAMradar account (you will need to log in to your SAMradar account. Once you are logged in, all of the navigation buttons will work).

The Prime Activity will show you the past 12 months of contracting activity, dollars spent, number of contracts and all of the buyers that are awarding contracts for that specific vendor. We do this so you can quickly access what you need to reinforce your #1 Job: Build Relationships.

You can use this information when you contact the prime so you can ask better questions, gain understanding of the agencies they have relationships with, and most importantly, let them know you want to be in the list of subs and teaming partners they use on this and upcoming projects (like the ones you will see on SAMradar).

There is a lot of functionality that we will be reviewing so don’t get overwhelmed and resist the rabbit trails. Let the system do the work and train SAMradar to deliver you what matters most so you can do your #1 Job: Build Relationships!

Remember that the vast majority of what you will find on SAMradar never showed up on In fact, only 2% of ALL opportunities hit and that is why you need SAMradar! SAMradar sifts through the 20,000+ contracts awarded every day and you train SAMradar to show you the ones that matter most!

If you need help, schedule a meeting with your federal advisor! Just contact or call 800-515-5351.

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