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SAMradar Training the System - Rating the Federal Buyer

SAMradar is different than any other federal opportunity monitoring tool because it actually learns what opportunities and relationships are most important to you. That's right and in this short video you will be training your SAMradar system to "Rate the Buyer" so SAMradar knows what buyers make the best future prospects.

Your Mission Today: Reach out to the buyer and let SAMradar know how it went.

Remember that the vast majority of what you will find on SAMradar never showed up on In fact, only 2% of ALL opportunities hit and that is why you need SAMradar! SAMradar sifts through the 20,000+ contracts awarded every day and you train SAMradar to show you the ones that matter most!

As SAMradar grows, the Rate the Buyer stars will be critical to identifying and targeting federal relationships - and making sure they are accurate and beneficial to you in your #1 Job: Building Relationships.

SAMradar makes it easy to rate the buyer by clicking on the stars right in your SAMradar notification email. Make sure you let us know if the phone, email or any other information is no longer accurate so your SAMradar federal advisor can get the research team involved!

The possibilities are endless with SAMradar so go ahead and use the information to reach out and make your case to the buyers! Remember, bring your success stories to the Monday Roundtables ( where you can network with others on the same journey!

If you need help, schedule a meeting with your federal advisor! Just contact or call 800-515-5351.

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