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Special: Federal Contract Frenzy - - Mid-August Spending Report - Q4 FY 2023

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

NAICS Spending Report August


Step 2: Join us for a FREE Federal Market Review (via Zoom) (Review sessions held Tuesday - Friday at 10AM and 2PM EDT. You can join as many times as you like)

Step 3: SIGN UP for your FREE SAMradar Trial and start competing for the 98% that never hits


The dramatic shift to minimal competition in federal contracting with 74% of contracts having ZERO competition and 86% of the time they were awarded to 1 of 5 companies competing. Read NEW: Unpredicted Federal Spending Pattern

This is TOTALLY LEGAL because contracting officers have qualified resources they know, like and trust AND they utilize FAR language providing for limiting competition. This can be used to your advantage too.

Monitoring is CRITICAL over the next 45 days.

For 10 1/2 months the focus is on relationships so you can gain the unfair advantage of being on the buyer's shortlist (1 of the 5). Now, you want to leverage the limited resources and deluge of new opportunities with shrinking RFP turn around to your advantage. The competition may get complacent, or flat out not have the resources to bid - this opens up your avenue for year end wins on opportunities.

Even with the SAMradar free trial, you can set up your search criteria in and so you do not miss federal contracting opportunities. The rate of opportunities will increase dramatically over the next 45 days while turn around time will shrink to as little as 24 hours.

Did you know you can see what the competition is doing AND who they are buying from? This is critical because your competition is exactly who is winning these contracts that never hit So, if you want to win, you need to see who is contracting with your competition.

These proactive strategies are game-changers, enabling you to win last minute deals and build meaningful connections that go beyond what can ever offer. Discover the hidden opportunities that fly under the radar!

SAMradar does the dirty work for you, freeing you up to focus on your #1 job - Build relationships!

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