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WARNING: Investigating Email Error

Updated: Mar 16, 2023 Email Error | SAMradar

UPDATE: Recording of email error discussion - possible hack:

CORRECTION: Regarding Andrew Roach contact at GSA, Andrew is no longer in the role of managing and he informed us that the new contact is Memi Whitehead who is the Director of IAE. Her email is and we will post a correct phone number as soon as we get that from her.

Several SAMradar members have provided our support with an email sent by late last night or early this morning. We are putting out this bulletin because of the potential for entity registrations containing unauthorized contacts. At the time of this message, is experiencing login issues and we are waiting for an update from GSA regarding an update on the investigation of this issue.


From: <> Sent: Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 2:26 AM

Subject: | Someone updated the entity registration for {{LBN}} updated the entity registration for {{LBN}}, Unique Entity ID {{UEI}}, in on 2023-03-07. You are receiving this email because you are an Entity Administrator for this entity in identified themselves as not being an employee, officer, or board member of {{LBN}}, and listed contractual agreement dates with this entity of {{CREATED_DATE}} to {{EXPIRATION_DATE}}. also listed {{POC}} as the authorized point of contact for {{LBN}}, Unique Entity ID {{UEI}}. If you think this message has been received in error, please contact the Federal Service Desk.

GSA Response as of 10:30AM 3/8/2023

Email Issue on Some Entity Administrators are receiving emails from with the subject " | Someone updated the entity registration for {{LBN}}." Ignore these emails. They are being generated in error and is investigating.


1) Log into your account

2) Review ALL contacts associated with your account

3) Remove ANY contacts that are not affiliated with your company

4) Report ALL unauthorized contacts to Federal Service Desk.


We are following this issue closely as are connected to GSA/’s API for opportunity feeds. At this point, we have not seen any impact on your SAMradar account.

SAMradar does NOT access your account and operates using direct feeds from GSA/ We do not have access to your account in any way.

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