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What are “Special Notice” notifications and how can we use them?

SAMradar Special notices are, well… special and they are used in many ways depending on what the special notice is for. Here are a few examples and we encourage you to think about the information you see, dissect it to determine what they government is saying and then make a determination if it provides ANY information you can use in your proactive efforts.

Step 1 – What is the notice for?

Here are a few that came into SAMradar recently…

1) Market Research - “This notice is for MARKET RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY”. In this case, contracting officers are looking for resources to fill an upcoming requirement.

2) Sole Source –

a. “NASA/NSSC intends to issue a sole source contract to (vendor)”

b. “The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), ), Office of Information Technology (OIT), Infrastructure Operations (IO), intends to award a firm fixed price sole-source contract to (vendor)”


d. “Only one responsible source”

3) Sources Sought for Socio Economic - This Special Notice is to inform Industry that the Government anticipates soliciting the AvPLM Technical Services requirement as a 100% Small Business set-aside under the Seaport NxG vehicle.

4) Sources Sought for specific need – “AFCO-CM is looking for new and innovative capabilities in Electromagnetic Warfare (EW), Information Operations (IO), and electromagnetic digital communications.”

5) Limited Source – “This is a Notice of Intent issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs to negotiate a limited source contract with (vendor) for their (product/service).

6) Agency Announcement –


b. “The purpose of this work is to ascertain OAMP’s current state and any changes that may be considered and undertaken by OAMP to optimize its value to NIH and for OAMP to retain its relevancy for the overall NIH mission.”

7) Add Addendums – “The purpose of this amendment is to add an addendum to the original drawings in response to Request for Information (RFI).”

8) Unique/weirdo – “Multifunctional Nanosensor platform" to develop direct assembly based printing techniques to print devices made with nanomaterials.”

Step 2 – Pick your action

1) In almost every instance, the first step is to let the buyer know that you are playing in that space and you want to be considered.

a. Add the buyer to your CRM

b. Add the buyer to your SAMradar tracking*

2) If the notice includes sole source to a vendor and that vendor is a direct competitor

a. Find them on

b. Copy the UEI

c. Add the UEI to your SAMradar tracking

3) Can you sub on this contract?

a. (See Step 2 #2 above) and make sure you are tracking the prime)

b. Use the contact information in SAMradar to reach out to the vendor

c. Contact the buyer and get the person at the vendor

Step 3 – Leverage other interested parties so they know what you are doing and ask them for help

1) Engage your SBA Business Opportunity Specialist

2) If you are a GSA contract holder

3) Congressperson

Step 4 – Follow-up!

Remember, these people - both the buyer and the prime - are playing in your pool and you need to keep reminding them that you want to be remembered for these kinds of projects.

*available in 12/1/2022 release – may require a subscription upgrade. See your subscription details for user access to these features.

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