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What is the Monday Roundtable?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The Monday Roundtable is a “members only” federal business development resource started by isiFederal to support its clients. It has grown to include customers and system users including the incredibly successful SAMradar subscriber base and certain GovBrief session attendees. The session is always informative and highly engaging and if you don’t take something away, it’s because you didn’t show up!

Thanksgiving Week 2022 Monday Roundtable clip...

Why we meet…

#1 reason is because we are all in this together and we can - and do - help each other. The dialog is so rich - and often way too fun - that joining that most say, “this really sets the tone for my week.” The sessions include success stories, challenges, new ideas on how to market and most of all networking with businesses on the same journey.

Who is there…

As members will often say… “you never know who is going to show up!” isiFederal and its partner experts are there and literally a slew of other companies who are all in various points of business development in the federal space.

As we grow…

With SAMradar users joining the session we expect exponential growth and will be providing break-out rooms so users can get the most out of the 30 minutes.

Where we meet: Zoom – a link is sent every Monday to members

When we meet: 10AM and 2PM Eastern

How long is it? 30 minutes (we got business to do!)

How do I become a member? Here are the services that include Monday Roundtable Access:

Paid isiFederal hosted GovBrief Session -

SAMradar –

QuikFuse GSA eBuy monitoring – opportunity monitoring

isiFederal client

Market Essentials

Are the sessions recorded? Yes. You need to ask for access to the recordings though. These are for members only!

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