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5 Strategies To Effectively Engage Government Agencies

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Strategies To Engage Government Agencies | SAMradar

As a government contractor, you are faced with a unique conundrum - how exactly do you market yourself to the government? After all, this is a completely different world to the average marketing pipeline. Procurement officers and managers, unlike the usual target audience, have specific requirements, regulations, and habits for contractors to consider.

Whether you are a small business, or a large company - it is important that you dedicate time towards coming up with an effective marketing and engagement strategy. Since that is your goal, take the time to look at some of the most effective strategies that can help you stand out and market to government agencies.

Consider Government Regulations

One of the most effective strategies for marketing to any audience out there is to use something known as a Call-To-Action. This section of your strategy will ask your audience to do something specific - enter in their email address to opt for a newsletter, enter a giveaway, or maybe sign up for a new product.

While these are extremely helpful in marketing efforts, it is important to cross-check and make sure your Calls-to-Action are in line with what government employees are allowed to do. For example, some common ethical considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Avoiding commissions, giveaways, and fees.

  • Any situations involving personal conflicts of interest.

  • Anything that may be perceived as bribes or favors.

Keeping government ethical procurement guidelines in mind can help you create a good impression and improve the chance that you will be considered. Instead, focus on creating Calls-to-Action that are clear and transparent, and are focused on engagement.

Want to learn more about engaging federal agencies? Check out this briefing for more information: - Engaging Federal Buyers

Target A Niche Audience

As a company, the time, energy, and workforce labor you engage for marketing is a worthy expense - especially when it pays off. However, it is important to know who to target and to use a selective audience to decide what the best marketing approach is.

When it comes to branding, campaigns, and your products or services - it is vital that your marketing efforts are specifically targeted. Even if you can only approach one agency at a time, taking the space and time to reach them selectively can allow you to create better approaches with your marketing efforts.

One way to stand out when you are looking for a selective audience is to use a monitoring process. Utilizing tools like SAMradar can allow you to target your efforts effectively. Not to mention, you get to access a much larger pool of potential contracts to consider.

Create A Government-Aligned Solution

Why do government agencies open up contracts and awards? The answer is that they need a solution. And the best way to engage procurement officers and program managers is to understand this as the very crux of your approach.

The real work happens when you can align the problem at hand with your products or services, and redirect the issue towards offering solutions. How exactly does this happen? One of the best ways to make this happen is to look at resources offered by the government. Some prefer to study existing procurement plans created by a specific agency, or even the entire government.

This will allow you to learn exactly what approach the government is taking, what future plans are, and how you can leverage these opportunities to create specific solutions.

Curate Your Online Presence

Having an online presence is essential for any kind of marketing, and marketing to the government is no exception. It is essential that information about your products and services is easily available and accessible online, but that is just one part of curating an online presence.

Having a website is essential to reach out to all kinds of interested parties. In fact, you may want to consider create a section that is specifically dedicated to the work you do in government contracting. Make sure that you have clear and concise information, and that you are using your branding to your advantage.

Landing pages that are responsive and mobile friendly will help users have a better experience when browsing through your site, and they have a better chance at being optimized to rank higher in search results - So make sure to use this knowledge to stand out when you are being searched for online.

Leverage Tools Like SAMradar

If you want to be able to access greater opportunities, why not try out our tool, SAMradar? You can use SAMradar to monitor federal awards you can never access through - and get a headstart against your competition.

Sign up today to access information on awards sent directly to your email address, on the basis of NAICS and PSC codes - along with information that you can use to directly contact the federal buyers, program managers, and contracting officers!

To find out more, you can contact us any time, or shoot a call over at 800-515-5351. Get started with your free trial today and take back control of your federal pipeline!

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