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SAMradar Answers: Streamlining Your SAP Approach

SAMradar Answers - SAP Approach

"Dave, please let me know how to tap into Simplified Acquisitions and best approach."

Yakov with ECG asked this question and I wanted to pass on to SAMradar Members. SAP (Simplified Acquisitions Procedures) and can be used on contracts between $10k - $250k (that is the short answer and is enough for you at the moment.)

Understanding FAR Policy

Now, a contracting officer may award up to $7.5M to 8(a), HUBzone, SDVOSB and WOSB. This is rare, but extremely effective for the small business who gets that contract, so why not ask when the time is right, but for today let’s go with easy, since buyers like easy right?

According to FAR 13.003(a) Policy:

Agencies shall use simplified acquisition procedures to the maximum extent practicable for all purchases of supplies or services not exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold (including purchases at or below the micro-purchase threshold).

Streamlining Your Approach

The approach is pretty simple... When you have your conversation with a buyer, ask them how they prefer to purchase and if they use SAP. This is in their wheelhouse, and they will often give you insight on how many times they use the process. Some like it, some don’t so if they don’t, they w ill likely tell you what they do like.

Again, this is really good for developing rapport with buyers. When they say they use SAP, then ask them what they would need to purchase what you sell under SAP. This forces them to look at what you do and put that in their framework.

You will learn more as you start dialoging with buyers (which is the point right?). So, within the construct of your conversations with buyers – talk about what matters to them (like SAP) and not what you do or how great you are at it (because they really don’t care).

Further Steps

As you do this, make sure you come to the Monday Roundtables, this is exactly the kind of question we like to discuss there and you will get more practical advice from other SAMradar members.



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