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What is the Winnability Matrix and How Can I Use It?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

What is the Winnability Matrix and How Can I Use It?

The Winnability Matrix is a tool developed by Dave Lowe, founder of SAMradar in 2010 when he developed it while serving isiFederal clients as he was providing professional representation for companies in DC. Dave realized early on that federal buyers have preferred relationships and MOST contracts never show up on

This tool uses concepts from isiFederal's success, Dave's sales experience and various well known training resources like Miller Heiman's Strategic Selling: The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by America's Best Companies, Brian Hebbel's How to Market and Sell to the U.S. Government A View from the Inside.

You can obtain a copy of the Winnable Opportunity Matrix here:

Winnable Opportunity Matrix
Download PDF • 215KB

Dave and the SAMradar team continue to introduce topics and tactics for driving companies into the green! You can join the conversation as well as have access to ongoing training by becoming a SAMradar member. You can get started today at!

Remember, most federal contract opportunities NEVER hit If you want to find winnable opportunities - maybe even create your own opportunities because you influence the scope of work, you will not find that on You will need to build relationships with federal contracting officers that have relationships with the very companies that are winning. That is why you need - because you need help with your #1 Job: Building Relationships!

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