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What Is A UEI Number? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A UEI Number | SAMradar

There’s been a big change in government contracting since 2022 - the introduction of the UEI number. This is the identifier that is now an official replacement for the DUNS number for those that use If you are already in the world of contracting, or are just considering getting started, it is well worth it to understand what a UEI number is, and how it impacts the system.

What is a UEI number?

The UEI, or Unique Entity Identifier, is a number that acts as a de facto social security number for your business. Getting the UEI is one of the first steps to becoming a GSA contractor, and so it is crucial for you to understand how it works.

Using this unique number, you can become easily searchable and identifiable to the government. If you’ve been in this industry for some time, you may know that this was previously the job of the DUNS number.

What does a UEI do?

Having a UEI number, as mentioned above, is crucial for you to be accessible to the government. It helps to make the process of organization quick and simple, and is also a huge step forward for automation. Since the UEI system is completely operated by the federal government, there is no third-party involved anymore.

This helps eliminate issues and unwanted changes, and aids contractors as well as the government itself. The process for registration is now far less time-consuming, and does not require you to jump from one website to another.

As the transition towards the use of UEI is made, there may be a quick learning period - but the end result is hoped to be far smoother and accessible for all entities involved.

How can I get a UEI?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking to get yourself a UEI number.

Already Registered?

If you have already registered to, great news - all the work is done for you. Since the businesses that were registered to were all migrated, your UEI will be available once you sign in to your account. However, you may have to go through a process known as Entity Validation Processing to confirm your information.

Interested in learning more about how works? Check out this on-demand briefing: – Engaging Federal Buyers

Never Registered?

If you haven’t registered for, you will need to sign up first. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the following URL:

  2. Click the option ‘Get Started.’

  3. Fill out the forms as directed.

You will receive your UEI within this process itself! Because of this new change, you never have to worry about going to another website or authority to receive your UEI number.

What’s next after UEI numbers?

As with everything else, changes are expected over time when it comes to federal contracting spaces. However, by staying in touch with the latest news, you can be on top of the game and continue your search on

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To stay updated with what's happening in federal contracting, you can always take some time to explore our resources. Not to mention, our team is always here to help.

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